Fairy Tail's Water Dragon Slayer (NaLu)

Fairy Tail's Water Dragon Slayer (NaLu)

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July 7, X777. 

The day all the dragons disappeared, including young Lucy Heartfilia's dragon, Aquamarine, the Water Dragon. 

Lucy felt broken on that day, she had no family left.

Her parents died.

Her sister died protecting her.

And now, her dragon was gone. 

Since then, Lucy vowed to become stronger. Doing the impossible, she learned Celestial Spirit Magic, Infinity Magic, along with Requip Magic. Lucy had practiced swordsmanship and multiple summoning, under three years. Lucy was twelve then.

When Lucy was fifteen, she was declared one of the Ten Wizard Saints. She had also earned the title, the Infinity Maiden. 

What will happen when Lucy joins the Fairy Tail guild? Will chaos break out?

Join Lucy and Fairy Tail as they battle Hell itself. 

 [ • o n g o i n g • ]

Date Started: 09/08/2015
Date Ended: xx/xx/xxxx

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