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Prophecy Of Five: (Camreng!p)

Prophecy Of Five: (Camreng!p)

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5havidreader By 5havidreader Completed

fifth harmony fanfiction
 A prophecy that was made hundreds of years in the past, predicts that  five woman will be the most powerful Elementals in the world, and when gathered will save the world and bring it into a New age. Fearing this, a demented Man that goes by the General, tries to murder the five girls before they can reach their potential, but instead of murdering them, he only succeeds in killing their families as the five girls barely escape unscathed. Their thrust into the world as orphans, with no home to call their own, until their Guardian Demi can find them.

A Red head bestowed with visions, watches them as they grow into strong young women, and sets out in a Qwest to bring the Five together. Each girl has made it through child hood, and were able to be strong independent women, but in desperate need of family. They soon learn, that family comes in different forms, and the adventures and dangers they encounter will change them forever.

Smooffer23 Smooffer23 May 19
I wanna say: We're all garbage compared to them, but then I also wanna say: we're all beautiful humans..hmm🤔 lol
Smooffer23 Smooffer23 May 19
First time!!!
                              Just finished Shipping Camren From the Grave and The Good Simaritan..Damn! on to the next one. This author is amazing! 😊👍👌👏
Idk why but I'm picturing all this as X-Men and Lauren reminds me of Logan aka wolverine
WshZeus WshZeus May 01
reading this for the nth time because I need me some good super natural stories with Camren and Norminah
Queen_Of_Puns Queen_Of_Puns 3 days ago
C'mon Mani I believe in you. Run like Speedy Gonzalez, run like the wind!
Omg, I can already sense the fact that this book will have no chill