Wednesday After Noon

Wednesday After Noon

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Wednesday isn't her real name. That's just what people call her, because she's a goth.

She hates everything. Her mother, her job, her best friend... The sun.

But when you're Wednesday, you've got a good reason for your bad attitude. That's because Wednesday is half-vampire, and the sun gives her a headache.

 Her best friend Chip is a male stripper, and is constantly trying to get in her pants... Also he's half-lycanthrope.

Even Wednesday's job is terrible. She works for the government, specifically, the Bureau of Paranormal Relations- The shady government organization that hides the existence of monsters from normal humans, while at the same time, using them to do risky less-than-legal undercover work.

When you're Wednesday, your day is full of monsters, crime, running errands for vampire aristocrats, hanging out at night with male strippers, nearly getting murdered by insane cultists... It's enough to make a girl go goth.

What are the only things that make her happy? Mostly porn, masturbation, Clive Barker movies, and the sun going down at the end of the day. It's a short list. For Wednesday, the biggest pain in life is being half-undead.

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