Pinned Down (BillDip/Bipper AU)

Pinned Down (BillDip/Bipper AU)

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Destry By DeathmanReaper Updated Jun 07, 2017

Dipper Pines, a sixteen year old teenager with an energetic and optimistic twin sister, Mabel Pines. After their Summer Vacation at Gravity Falls, another highschool semester came in their way.

Unfortunately, their first day didn't go the way they expected and just as they thought the day wouldn't get any worse, an unexpected classy transferee introduced himself to the class. This student wasn't just any other students though, this one had something to do with the twins' past-especially Dipper's, and it wasn't a very good past. 

Dipper, who apparently has no memory of this man unlike Mabel, slowly regains these memories with the help of this man, who actually caused this horrible past. 
Will Dipper and this fashionable fellow ever go back to how they were before or will they develop feelings for each other? Or possibly....

A dark and sexual relationship?

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ShadowBeast0223 ShadowBeast0223 Jul 25, 2017
Me:: ....
                              Friend:: *looks down at tags*
                              Me:: ....
                              Friend:: *sees 'yaoi' tag*
                              Both of us: *look at each other* Yes. Yaoi. We're reading this.
Emokoala18 Emokoala18 Jun 18, 2017
Umm ... I choose the second option
                              Don't judge
Apowers3069 Apowers3069 Jun 13, 2017
I am the only one but did anyone else here marina martiz ( sorry I dent know how to spell her name but did anyone here two of her songs. ) 
                              1. Mrs.potato head
                              2.alphabet boy
RavenLovingFangirl RavenLovingFangirl Mar 31, 2016
I think Dippy is the italasized one while Billy Is the bold one..... *shrugs* I dunno though jus a guess.....