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The Truth Comes Out

The Truth Comes Out

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TheBestiesDuo By TheBestiesDuo Updated Jul 16, 2016

It's a normal day at Henry's house Charlotte and Henry were studying and eating nachos till Piper takes things to far for revenge on Henry

MagicMaking105 MagicMaking105 Oct 16, 2016
I think they're like 16 years old and high schoolers in this story
CampHB_DemiGod CampHB_DemiGod Nov 02, 2016
everyone is like slow your role, how old are you? and im like... why isnt anyone blaming piper
baileyjohnson321 baileyjohnson321 Apr 16, 2016
Roses r red
                              They are also prickly
                              May I just say
                              That escalated quickly
Hellomynameissuzy Hellomynameissuzy May 07, 2016
@baileyjohnson321 ha ha gati. I think Chenry is more heated then it should  be. They look 12 I mean the freak! And also they are to young for whatever is gonna happen. My friend had 'it' when she was 11, so I guess this is not very surprising for me to hear. Ewwww though!
zurilife zurilife Oct 16, 2015
uh oh slow ya role homes
                              slow ya role
                              arent you  like 12-13 
                               nobody is getting preggers
DeborahHarrison2 DeborahHarrison2 Aug 10, 2015
what the heck did i just read?! my child hood is more ruined even more! why did piper have to do this!? why!? WHY!? wait i am over reacting!? this is just a !? a made up... crazy... sick... book! but i am starting to like this so what ever.