Queen Titan*Attack on Titan x reader*

Queen Titan*Attack on Titan x reader*

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Queen Titan

Y/N was a legend to the 3 walls.Everyone told story's of her to there little kids all the time.

She was an Idol to everyone in the walls.

Kids wanted to be just like her someday when they grow up. Y/N killed so many Titans that she was now know as 'Queen Titan'.

But unfortunately,people soon heard that Y/N died while in an exhibition(Is that how you spell it?) out side the walls....

Or so they think.

i ammmmmmm 19 hahahahahahahha........................that was really weird im weird oh well
ouranhigh19 ouranhigh19 Oct 12
Age: 15 or 17 
                              Name: Mizore Kirishima 
                              Fav color: purple and grey
Moushiii Moushiii Jul 09
Sorry to be this person...but it bothers me to no end.
Alexa__Hart Alexa__Hart Aug 09
I WANNA BE LIKE YOU *sings I wanna be like you from the jungle book*
Btw for your description, the word your looking for is Expedition, not exhibition.
A 14 year old with 15 year olds is okay, but with a thirty something year old?