Milan: Queen of the Wolves

Milan: Queen of the Wolves

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A.R.S. By theNameIsHoran Completed

"I've met some pricks in my lifetime but you sir, are a fucking cactus!"

Milan Chandler: Badass

Elliot Gabriel: Jackass

Join the mischevious Milan Chandler on her journey from becoming the queen of pranks to the Queen of the Wolves.

HIGHEST RANK: 21 in Werewolf.
PUBLISHED ON: 1st October, 2015.
COVER BY: TheNameIsHoran.

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punch-a-dolphin punch-a-dolphin Mar 17, 2017
Also a Lycan is just meant to be short for lycanthropy, which is what the, for lack of a better word, 'disease' is that turns an ordinary human into a werewolf e.g- bitten, spell, curse, etc.
punch-a-dolphin punch-a-dolphin Mar 17, 2017
Yeah but you can also kill a Lycan by shooting it in the mouth multiple times or cutting off all its limbs, not just severing the spine from its bod
Writingislifebruh Writingislifebruh Jul 20, 2017
Thank you👏🏽An author who actually knows the difference and clarifies it for everyone who doesn't
Wolfish_Bambi Wolfish_Bambi Jul 27, 2017
Ahhaha. Its a pun, I see. She's met some 'pricks' but he's a CACTUS!!!
ButteredBums ButteredBums Oct 04, 2016
This helps a lot! And I barely knew half of this stuff, so I learned something from Wattpad, which is a surprising thing!
Sirius_bookworm Sirius_bookworm Jan 29, 2017
Other definition. 
                              Lycanthropy- what Remus Lupin has and hoped that wouldn't be passed down to his son. (I'm not making fun of Remus, he's actually one of my favorite HP characters, that lycanthropy part just so happens to go along with this)