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Max and Blake are complete opposites, yet completely the same. 

Max is an 18 year old girl who takes care of her 1 year old brother, her father, and juggles her job at a library. She never had one for friends or boyfriends, her days consisting of Dylan or her job.

Blake is a 22 year old, who is in charge of "family business." Blake drowns himself in work never giving anyone the time of day. 

But on one cold, late night, Blake is covering a shift for one of his friends at an ice cream shop. And on the same night, Max decides, that it's ice cream she is craving. What happens when these two cross paths?

@lilly2767 - Really good book, I love the relationship between Max and Blake. Every chapter has its own adventure with in, this book keeps me guessing, there were so many things I didn't expect! Perfect mix of romance and humor. Five stars

WhatIsUp154 WhatIsUp154 Jan 31
That's not the right way to ask for a number. It's:
                              AYO MA! LEM GET'CHO NUMBER
MrsTesfayeXOTWOD MrsTesfayeXOTWOD 2 days ago
u can't go to Cold Stone and not get one of the combos cmon now
HarleyTeal HarleyTeal Jan 10
i am 4"10 and havent grown in 3 years if she is short then what does that make me?
Why did I think of TOP when I saw twenty and then expect to see like a Joshler reference
This would make an amazing story time on YouTube lbs 😂😂😂
bobthesinger bobthesinger Nov 06, 2016
she probs doesn't say anything because if she does he'll ask her questions like then why is he calling you mommy and would you honestly want to give your backstory to someone you just met. Then she would feel uncomfortable