Debut has changed us. (Seventeen Meanie)

Debut has changed us. (Seventeen Meanie)

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♢ Julia ♢ By Canadian_Kpop Completed

During training Wonwoo and Mingyu had fallen for each other. They even started dating. Now, with their debut coming soon, what are they going to do? They're going to tell the rest of the members. How will they take it? 

What will happen to the once perfectly happy couple?

(First book of my seventeen stories.)

Kpop_anime17 Kpop_anime17 Oct 22, 2016
WAAH! When there anniversary? JiCheol anniversary is finish. Its on Oct 19 after my birthday. I ship Woozi to anyone so yeah. Anyways WHEN???
sarscery sarscery Aug 21, 2016
Those are like my main ships in 17 along with rock!
Kpop_anime17 Kpop_anime17 Oct 22, 2016
You should do Joshua X DK because of the VerKwan I read. I fell in love to the Joshua X DK :))))) Plz!!!
chirildaregina chirildaregina Aug 28, 2016
Please make :
                               Jihoon x S.Coups (and Soonyoung one sided love haha)
                              Jeonghan x Jisoo
                              Jun x Minghao
                              Vernon x Seungkwan
                              Lol idk tbh i ship all of them tgthr ha
ughhjimin ughhjimin Feb 05, 2016
I ship meanie most but cause Mingyu is ma bias I can't help to ship him with every other member that comes after him, I feel like he would be cute with Joshua or vernon. AHAH 😅 that's just me though 💘
CosmicTaekook CosmicTaekook Sep 09, 2016
boi anybody in a room with meanie could spot it out real quick