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#1 Poetry 8/19/16

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wordsnvisions wordsnvisions May 21, 2016
Everyone is too busy copying each other's "uniqueness"  to care about getting to know each other deep, down. The best part of relationships is getting inside a person and meeting them in their inner world...
tatteredhearts tatteredhearts Jan 02, 2017
This is so true and I like that you said with such simplicity, yet it had a much deeper meaning too
Clare_oceanic77 Clare_oceanic77 Feb 25, 2016
Is anything really right or wrong, good or bad, nice or mean?
DrivenByGold DrivenByGold Jan 08, 2017
I love this line. I often ask myself this question throughout the day. Well done.
NikkiTikki11 NikkiTikki11 Feb 15, 2017
I really needed to see this. This is beautiful, loving it already
- - Jan 09, 2017
Wow. This is like a harsh eye opener. I never even considered that, not till now. This is so very correct, it's almost scary.