And If We Dream ☾scarlet america

And If We Dream ☾scarlet america

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they/their By -biyance Updated Nov 12, 2016

❝ I can't control their fear - only my own. ❞

- Wanda Maximoff

[ Avengers | X Men | Post AOU, slight AU ]

{ MCU Steve Rogers + Wanda Maximoff }

anthonysmackie anthonysmackie Aug 05, 2016
I'm not crying. I'm seriously not, my eyes are just sweating
juliamatiass juliamatiass May 18, 2016
Oh God! 💔😭 this prologue, almost killed me :( you write very well ❤
TheChaosLeftBehind TheChaosLeftBehind Sep 07, 2016
It's not even the first chapter and I'm already blown away by how talented the writer clearly is. You really know how to bring the emotions
alek1073 alek1073 Mar 28, 2016
I love it😍❤️
                              Keep up the awesome work!!
                              (Btw this is the best ship ever)
americandreamaker americandreamaker Sep 15, 2016
Sorry let me wipe the sweat that is being produced from my eyes, surely it isn't tears ):