A Cat Girl and a Boy?  (Hiro X Reader)

A Cat Girl and a Boy? (Hiro X Reader)

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{Y/N} x Hiro Hamada 

You were part cat, and part human. You never had a real owner, in your life. One day, it was raining. A boy with fluffy hair caught you in a glimpse, and took hold of you. He then started taking care of you, just like a owner would. 

Will you find love?

breezy-bree breezy-bree Jun 04
My human form has long lime-green with dark-green highlights and has sapphire blue eyes, a pendent that changes color and wears a blue knee-length dress with blue boots
I got compliments at school a lot. Granted it was the same ppl.......
                              BUT WHO CARES!!
breezy-bree breezy-bree Jun 04
My cat form is lime-green with dark-green highlights. She wears a pendent that changes color depending on her mood and she has sapphire blue eyes
AikoYoichi AikoYoichi Jun 15
My human form has navy blue hair cut like a boys with black leggings and a light blue cat hoodie
my human form i have dark blue hair and baby blue eyes my hair is long and i wear skinny jean and a flannel shirt (not around my waist) and i have combat boots ankle length and i have a grey hoodie
meow is my catch phrase now
                              lol it has been for a while now ive just been nonstop saying meow for the past 2 years *meow* and before that my catch phrase was meep 
                              *meow meow meow MEEP meow*