VenturianTales #2: Stab, Stab, Stab!(Jimmy Casket/Jordan Frye x Reader)

VenturianTales #2: Stab, Stab, Stab!(Jimmy Casket/Jordan Frye x Reader)

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WARNING: This is a sequel. The plot contains spoilers. If you have not read the first book, and do not wish for it to be spoiled, DO NOT read any further.


It's been about two months since The Frye siblings and (y/n) were sent into Garry's Mod, traumatized, then finally reunited with each other outside of the game. Everything's about as normal as it could be. Except for Jordan. He's been having nightmares. Turns out, Jimmy had never left. But that's a long story. One that you'll have to learn by reading this book.

[DISCLAIMER: I do not own VenturianTale, I do not own the Frye siblings, I do not own their characters, I do not own Garry's Mod, and I do not own YOU. I do, however, own the plot. The art used in the cover was made by BethanyFrye and SylarGrimm on DeviantART, so go check them out :P]

My.. My.. My heart.
                              Oh my gosh it's fluttering.
                              But I love it.
                              But still.
Me: Jordan what did I tell u bout scaring the living day lights outa me!
                              Everyone: * laughing*
                              Me: * facepalms* UGHHHH Jordan ur so lucky I don't release my trolliness on u!
Omg jordan you give me a heartattack and then its okay and then you make me panic again
Is it weird that I'm using a fictional character that only I know about in the (y/n) part
Isaac would love to hang out with you!
                              Isaac:I love trolling people.
                              Me:See!You two are perfect for each other!
enderfox123 enderfox123 Nov 28, 2015
.........................JENNY!!! I NEED YOU!!! JIMMY IS BACK!!!