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Connor Franta hasn't been able to hear since he was five when he was in a car accident; the doctors aren't sure when or if his hearing will come back.

Troye Mellet hasn't been able to speak since he was six after getting shot; the doctors aren't sure when or if his speech will come back.

What else? They're both orphans.

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Bish he is so talented
                              When i was 5 I wrote like this
                               La baca y el pera tenia ueso
When I was younger I used to suck my fingers which made me get neck surgery😂 LESSON LEARNED
                              But luckily that made me good and fast at sucking lollipops
dankdunseph dankdunseph Jul 01
whenever i am in a car with someone who isn't wearing a seatbelt i go all boss on them because i've lost someone because of that
This reminds me of Koe No Katachi
                              Not really
                              BUT I WANTED TO DO A KOE NO KATACHI REFERENCE
excuse me children but when is it ever okay to not wear seat belts ??????
wowie and i just watched the x men movie with him in it and now i just imagine troye stabbing everyone with his claws