Break the Bad Girl - Breaking Series Book#1

Break the Bad Girl - Breaking Series Book#1

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~ It's not the future I'm afraid of... It's repeating the past that makes me anxious! - Lia Carter~

~ Bad boys aren't good! Good boys aren't fun! I'm a bad boy! - Reece Rogers~

Lia Carter was a sweet, kind and funny girl that everyone loved. The keyword here being 'was'. Her life changed drastically, so has she. She is now strange, rude and wants to be left alone. She maintains her distance even with her friends. She is fighting her horrible past.

Reece Rogers, a family friend is sent to live with the Carters by his parents. He is what everyone calls as the 'Bad Boy!' 

When they meet, It's hate at first sight for Lia, who hates Reece with every ounce of passion that is left within her.
Will the ends meet? Will Reece help Lia to get over her past, whatever it is? Even if her past involves a lot of pain and dark memories? 

** This is BAD BOY Vs BAD GIRL! **


~ This is the first book of the Breaking series ~

The current is by @MadeofKay

~ This book is under SERIOUS editing! Kindly bear with me as I slowly edit each chapter... Patience will be very much appreciated! Thank you... Love you all :) ~

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I really like it i can see that jay cares alot about her and will do anything to protect her but the questions is what is he trying to protect her from?
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Thanx fr d dedication, T. Bt it is surely no big deal fr u to use my name. I absolutely luv d stry!