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Never-Stop-Dreaming- By Never-Stop-Dreaming- Updated Dec 25, 2016

I heard another bone snap and I let out a bloodcurdling scream in response. 

'What's happening to me?' I ask myself, tears running down my now pale and tear stained cheeks.

I felt my gums throb and my eyes changing color. My breaths came out in short pants and I had to clench my fists to prevent from letting out another scream. It only took me a second to realize that blood was coming out of my palms. 

I noticed the stranger's crystal blue eyes constantly flickering between my face and body. His eyes,  full of regret and pain.

"Please.... Help.... Me" I gasp out in pain.

Just as black spots started to appear in my vision.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry" the stranger kept repeating on and on to my now fading body. 

"What's ..... Happening..." I managed to mumble my eyes now half closed in both pain and exhaustion.

"You're changing" he replies with tears in his eyes. 

The only question on my mind before I blacked out was;

'Changing into what?"

Alexis Roberts was a normal teenager. Normal grades (despite her being bad at math.) Normal friends. Normal life. That is until her best friend, Cody forces her to go to a popular party on a full moon. Not knowing the dangers that will occur, she went with it. That was the night that drastically changed her life. That was the night she was bitten.

Carter Jones is the beta of the immortals pack and the best friend of his alpha. On the night of the full moon, Carter looses control of his wolf attacks a girl, not knowing that she is his mate, he gives her the bite. Which could either kill a person or change the human into a wolf.

Fortunately Alexis survives.

As Carter tries to win Alexis's heart, bigger problems are ahead. Turning a human into a werewolf is incredibly illegal by the werewolf council and is punishable by death. 

So what happens when they're out to get both Carter and Alexis? 

And to think that all this trouble began when Alexis was bitten.

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Chani-Kun Chani-Kun Sep 15
Noooooo! I thought he was a scary legend that my mother told me to put me to sleep.she would say: 
                              Chaneli go to sleep if you aren't asleep wen I get to your room I'm gonna call Justin Bieber to sing you Baby Baby Baby ohhhhh!
                              No Mama I'm sleeping please don't call the viber guy.
My one was drinking a bottle of lemon juice u normally pour on pancakes I mean it tasted nice then I felt the acids in my stomach  go dolally
I so want to raise my hand but my my sister won't let me she says and I quote 
                              He has a mate yo hoe
                              I said it could be me!!
Cuz we could be immortals immortals just not for long for long
My friends call me crazy when I do that but I know I'm crazy therefore I'm not crazy isn't that crazy 😜
Ahh come on I wouldn't mind the world being full of blood suckers and oversized wolves but justin bieber is where I draw the line xD