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Isnt MI-Goreng just the bomb??

    Ryuzaki_L Ryuzaki_L Dec 07, 2012
                                  *stares at the sweet and cries* sorry...but the dead can no longer eat sweet Heta-chan...*sniff sniff*
    McKennaWazHeer McKennaWazHeer Sep 25, 2012
    @Ryuzaki_L *smiles anows back* Arigato L-kun! *offers a sweet*
    Ryuzaki_L Ryuzaki_L Jul 10, 2011
                                  hmmm. your call ;)
                                  *evil face while eating mi-goreng*
    Ryuzaki_L Ryuzaki_L Jul 07, 2011
                                  i coudnt think of anything else -.- lol
                                  thanks :D
    Ryuzaki_L Ryuzaki_L Jul 07, 2011
                                  yay! that was exactly the reaction i was hoping for ^^
    XannyBites XannyBites Jul 06, 2011
    OMB that was so funny... I shall help this empire be built!!
                                  DOooommmm to all noodle haters!!!