The Alpha's Abused Mate

The Alpha's Abused Mate

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Jahnavi By cutewizard1234 Updated Sep 23

Angelina Daniels was abused ever since she can remember by her father. The day she transforms into a wolf, her father tries to kill her and she runs away. 

Ashton James is the alpha of the red moon pack. He has always dreamed of having a mate and loving her unconditionally. So what happens when he finds her?Will he break her walls and make her happy again or will her past haunt her? 

Read to find out.....

plzplz101 plzplz101 Nov 16
I think she's playing it safe and seeing if abuse would happen
Hey, I understand that this is your first book ,but look out for the comas!!!!  Other than that ,your book is absolutely perfect. I'M ADDICTED!!!!!
TejaJf TejaJf Apr 25
Put a little more detail on how she knows this like did her mom tell her or what
My best guy friend's name is Ashton so I'm gonna go prepare for this story to get weird
Maybe put some full stops or commas in there or something cause that's all one sentence and a bit of a mouthful...
                              Genuinely trying to help, don't think I'm being mean or anything
TejaJf TejaJf Apr 25
Does she really believe it that fast I understand if she does because it's her mate