Older Hiccup x Reader

Older Hiccup x Reader

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This is a love-story between you and older hiccup. (Y/n) is an average girl who was forced to leave her island, so will that cause complications or will it lead her to where she was destined to be?

I started this a while ago, so sorry if there's spelling mistakes that were unnecessary!

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DakotaThe_Werewolf DakotaThe_Werewolf Jul 02, 2017
                              EyeColor:Black(You can still see the pupil though)
                              HairColor:Pitch black
                              HairLength:Down to her thighs
                              And that's it for me!
JoeMILLSAP JoeMILLSAP Jul 27, 2017
Hiccup:*gasping for air and suffocated instantly after we said that.*
_i_is_fernbreeze_ _i_is_fernbreeze_ Nov 09, 2017
I like strangled you to death, and now you're letting me stay at your house? Awesome! :D
                              Btw hiccup you don't mind if I have my knife do you *pulls knife out of no where* don't worry I won't slaughter you in your sleep 
                              (That was creepier than intended xD)
5thPsychoQueen 5thPsychoQueen May 29, 2016
My character's name is Amber Handkock her dragons name is Polarious (po-la-ri-ous) her eye color is light sapphire blue (aka ma favorite gem)  her hair length at her waist and she has curly platinum blond hair (yeah got that from elsa) now let us beggin this lovely story!!😄😄
- - Sep 09, 2016
Finally a finfic where I sleep on the couch instead of his bedroom
HTTYDsuperfan HTTYDsuperfan Sep 18, 2015
Yeah I'll just finish this tonight and have it back to you by tomorrow