Wrong Decisions

Wrong Decisions

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Hey! So my name is Moniqua, I've tried writing a story and my friend Aunya' said it was good and told me to put it on here so imma try it. My story to me is alright but i wanna see what yall think! I hope yall like it! <3


My boyfriend Chris is really acting funny. He seems like he nervous and scared like he got something to hide. He looks like he sweating too. I don't know what his problem is, but I'm about to find out.

"What's wrong with you? You actin' all weird." I said walking in the door

"What you talkin' bout? I'm fine baby, but what are you doing here?"

"I came by to see if you were feelin' better."

"Oh I'm all good baby, but thank you for checkin' up on me." He said kissing me and pushing me towards the door.

"Do you not want me here or something?"

"Of course not baby. I just don't want you walking all day. I would drive you myself, but I gotta go to the grocery store for my mom, but thank you for checkin' on me." He said kissing me and pushing me towards the do...

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kiaraxxgirlygirk kiaraxxgirlygirk Jul 08, 2016
this is so amazing my mom is a publisher if you fix your spelling errors she can publish you book
Qveen_Bishop Qveen_Bishop Feb 17, 2016
Don't touch her leg! We could square up right here my G! Touch her leg again, watch me throw them hands at you! F outta here!
Krissyy7 Krissyy7 Oct 04, 2016
That's nasty you having sex with your cousin and you know that's your cousin what the hell?
TrueQueen_Duh TrueQueen_Duh Mar 10, 2015
I'm so mad I wanna cry I guess I'm insecure but ain't no nigga bout to lay his hand on me cheat or yell I kno right from wrong so should they
__Aaliyahislife__ __Aaliyahislife__ Jan 19, 2015
Nigga who you think foolin I wud busted up in there and been like "We're U at Bitch"
Shortytogood Shortytogood Jan 09, 2015
Lawrd all these females looking for love in the wrong niggas