Love Lessons「Kageyama Tobio」

Love Lessons「Kageyama Tobio」

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Alexis Oraiz By AlexisOraiz Updated Jan 24, 2016

"She was warm in a way that could make you remember your heart was still beating."  -Maxwell Diawuoh
[Kageyama Tobio x Reader]
Love comes in many forms and it affects our life in different ways. It can be expressed in the form of words and actions, we can receive love coming from our family, friends, and loved ones.

Let's learn more about love by the two characters in this story, (Full Name) and Kageyama Tobio.

《fanfiction; humor; romance; angst; friendship; family》

[art and original hq! characters are not mine]

I found out that red velvet is chocolate with red dye and my life was changed.
sarcastic_taco sarcastic_taco Jul 30, 2016
But why wait for a guy or girl to confess to you probably later in life when you can get one to in like a day
                              How? You ask
                              Two words
                              Otome games
- - Jul 24, 2016
@elizadri hmmm. . . who does this remind you of??? i feel like we know someone who is ALWAYS trying to set me up on dates. . . idk tho *shrug*