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알랙시스 By FloJoUno Updated Jun 25

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This is my oneshot book! First few are a little... iffy but decent, the recent ones are better! 
Even though I don't update a lot, I like to think that they're worth it. I don't know, I put an extreme amount of effort into these so I'm overjoyed to receive feedback!

You can request a ship and a prompt if you want to, I really don't mind! I'll try to do it justice, and your request will go ahead of my own personal ones, so you'll get to read it as quick as you can!

〈there won't be any "y/n" or "x reader" so please don't ask, thank you〉

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Sleeplezznights101 Sleeplezznights101 Oct 13, 2016
I like that you can use a song and base the oneshot around the song or vise versa. I would definitely read more of these types of oneshots
- - Jan 03, 2016