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wangkongbean By wangkongbean Completed

"Despite 7 million colors being visible to the human eye, and 48 of your color pencils available for you to use, why are you only using the black, white, and red ones?"

I looked down and tried to think of the answer.

I don't know, maybe because
black is my dark days lacking you,
white is all the emptiness I felt,
and red... Is the color of my bleeding conscience.

As I don't want to let him down, I kept those answers to myself.
And all I said was "You want me to start using other colors too?"

"As much as I want you to start opening your heart, to the fact that you have many other people who loves you and cares about you, and that it's not only me."

I froze as I am not able to give him an answer to that.
I hate lying. But I hated disappointing him even more.

started: 08/08/15
completed: 23/06/17

ma-jime ma-jime Jul 06
I'm imagining jimin in the skool luv era because that was the era where we was most crazy, teasing, and funny idk that's what I think...
facenpie facenpie Jul 16
if jimin was my friend, i would love to throw him to the ocean so he can stfu 😂😂
royalmon royalmon a day ago
Idk why but all I see is Dongwoo from infinite being the teacher 😂
I LOVE your writing. It's beautiful. Looking forward to finishing this pic cuz I'm enjoying it :)
daeguboy95 daeguboy95 3 days ago
Am I the only one who think Jimin is hurting himself by doing that?
Istoleyourjams Istoleyourjams 4 days ago
Ok so I guess this is where I prepare myself for the tears and heartbreakes