The Vampire's Brιde

The Vampire's Brιde

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☆ Kгเรtเภ ☆ By Random_Wordz Updated Apr 06, 2017

"See now little one, if you run away, I'll kill everyone you ever held dear and loved. This is my world and you're mine. You will be mine and I'll make sure of that. Nothing will get between us from being together. Not even you princess."

"I'll never love you." I cried out trying to hold onto the tears that begged me for release. 

"Then I'll make you love me."

When Violet Reed is kidnapped by the King of Vampires, a world she never thought existed gets revealed to her. 

The King is obsessed with her and wants nothing more than for her to be his bride. Violet's lack of consent to any of the King's wishes doesn't matter to him and he'll do anything in his power to keep her with him even if it means taking drastic measures to discipline her himself.

When Violet thinks all is lost and her fate is set a miracle happens but what happens if what she thought was her miriacle might just make her curse of being with the King worse?

  • bride
  • doomed
  • forcing
  • kidnapped
  • king
  • love
  • obsessed
  • romance
  • vampire
msstephli14 msstephli14 Sep 26, 2017
No, not today, no no no, not today! ....... Extra, still part of this world! Extra plus ordinary,
alanna86 alanna86 Mar 07, 2016
No girl you are going to be taken by the king not just any king the kings of vamps
Sissyfit Sissyfit Jul 06, 2016
I have come back from chapter 6 bc I'm confused... He was married before?
thaminab thaminab Mar 10, 2016
Daaaamnnnnn this story is deffo gonna be good I applause you author 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽🙋🏽🙋🏽🙋🏽
kile13 kile13 Mar 27, 2016
But your gonna be with the vampire dude which I way older than u ....if I'm correct
people-luver people-luver Jun 21, 2016
I want my little girl to act like that minus the talking to strangers