And Then We Fell

And Then We Fell

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N. B. Allen By redtopic127 Updated Sep 13

Marilyn's whole life has always been compared to her twin sister, Margaret. "Oh Margaret's the prettier and skinnier one." "She's so popular." "Yeah she's so smart and funny." "Why can't you be like your sister Marilyn?"

Marilyn has been having to deal with this her whole life, but I mean how could Margaret be the prettier one if they look exactly the same? That's not even the worst part though. The worst part is, is watching the guy you've been in love with your whole life fall in love with your sister.

Especially when he hates your guts. And that guy is no other than Aiden Gold. And trust me he hates Marilyn, wish she knew why but he just does. But what if everything changes after a terrible accident.

Will Aiden change the way he feels and looks at Marilyn?

(Cover made by @FloralKnight)

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Amy_theHybrid Amy_theHybrid May 25, 2016
Needs some editing (character dialogue) but I likey the storyline.
artbyeggo artbyeggo Aug 29, 2016
OMG I have a twin sis named Margaret (Maggie) but we're fraternal
KnightOfRen1 KnightOfRen1 Mar 27, 2016
I mean... There's nothing wrong with her outfit. Nothing at all wrong with crop tops and high waisted shorts. That's literally what I'm wearing right now...
Queen_Riding_Hood Queen_Riding_Hood Apr 27, 2016
Im weird. Sometimes I like black but other times I just go with the flow and pick random colors from my closet.
yagmuryaren2005 yagmuryaren2005 Oct 09, 2016
kunnen jullie mijn boek ook lezen en volgen follow me like please
-pompous -pompous Jul 01, 2016
Tbh Marilyn is a prettier than her sister. At least in the picture she is. Maybe it's the angle since there twins but Marilyn is prettier!