Descendants: Book Two of Jelsa Fairytale Series

Descendants: Book Two of Jelsa Fairytale Series

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In present-day Arrendelle, Elsa, the teenage daughter of King Agdar and a Queen Idun, is about to be crowned Queen. She offers a chance for the children of villains to be given a chance to live in Arrendelle. 

The villains descendants have been given a chance to live with the children of heroes.

Jack Frost: son of Pitch Black. 

Rapunzel Corona: daughter of Mother Gothel 

Merida DunBroch: daughter of Mor'du (human form, obviously)

Hiccup Haddock III: son of Stoick

When these four start their new life at Arrendelle Acadamy, will they discover being good isn't so bad?

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
                              I love this song ! Imagine the Big 4 singing it is so much better !!!!
It's OK 👌 👌 👌 
                              Us Descendants fans all love this song
Jackey the Frostie, or also known as Grandpa.... 😏😏😏
Empress_Nattie Empress_Nattie Aug 11, 2015
Does anyone know where I can see this movie? We don't have Disney Channel on our TV