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The Rogue Protector

The Rogue Protector

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📚📚📚 By Books_rock_our_world Updated Aug 08, 2016

Amber wasn't always this broken. She used to have the perfect life and perfect personality. She used to have a loving mother and father, a great sister, and a protective older brother. She used to be kind, caring, and eccentric. Now she is quiet and unloved. 
This happened because she didn't shift at the proper time. Everyone was mortified. They shunned her. Her family would've loved her still, but they were to embarresed. They just started ignoring her. They didn't acknowledge her unless they had to.
At school, the pack members would tease, embarrass, and hit her. Her mate even rejected her.
 When she finally shifts two years later, her family is overjoyed. The pack members want to accept her. But she doesn't accept them. She shows them that she doesn't want to be in a pack that doesn't act like a pack.
So she leaves. She comes back 3 years later. But she comes back secretly and a rogue. She hides and protects the pack as best she can as a rogue.
But, what happens when they find her?

WARNING! There will be a lot of cliché stuff! Don't read  just to comment and complain!

Geez thats heavy stuff but sad and got tears now but she is stronger then she was and made a choise and left so yeah
Geez thats heavy but true treat u licke trash then get out of there bug out as they say
haileyxlmetal haileyxlmetal Apr 29, 2016
My friends name is Amber, and I called her Rose (Titanic, lol) and then my other friend and I called her Amber Rose... weird.
Introvert_BookNerd Introvert_BookNerd Mar 01, 2016
I want to cry but I can't! My heart broke! I feel like I'm dying!
arze_telracs arze_telracs Mar 11, 2016
I cryed then my mom called do I stopped my vision was so blurry I had to stop to wipe my eyes before going on
white_crecent white_crecent Apr 05, 2016
You made me cry !!!! But it was worth it this chap was awesome