I'll be your Romeo,You'll be my Juliet (A Jason McCann Love Story)

I'll be your Romeo,You'll be my Juliet (A Jason McCann Love Story)

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Lilliana Davis (14) is all lonely in life.Her parents died in an accident.Her brother left when he got married later after the incident and she knows nothing about him now.She managed to live on her own for a year.One day her house caught on fire and was in her house with the hope she would get saved.

Jason McCann (18) was strolling down the street when he saw her house on fire.He could hear her crying for help.He went to her rescue and took her into his home.He cared for her and everything.Yes,he would sometimes come home and pushed her away but then call her back.

He soon started to fall in love with her.He didn't know but she loved him too.He learned how to love once again.But he thought how can an 18 year old love a 14 year old?

Will Jason follow his heart and stop being a criminal for Lilliana's love?

Or will he ignore the fact that he loves her and continue killing and bombing?

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He's small , that's so cute ♥️ Justin is 5'9 he's smaller than Justin 😍
Hey wanted to let you know some people are reposting this story without giving you credit. Seen it 5 times on watt pad. 6 times on other sites
how come in every book the parents are dead and usually from a car accident? lol
lauren_francesxxx lauren_francesxxx Dec 25, 2016
I mean, I can't be make toast without burning it, never mind living on my own at the age of 13... like wow
jesica8800 jesica8800 May 07, 2015
Omg this is almost describing me but my birthday is on August 5th and I have brown eyes
Luna_Wolfbieber Luna_Wolfbieber Oct 20, 2013
Lilly's birthday is the same as mine and im 14 and i am so starting to read this cuz i bet is AWESOME