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Everylittlebook By Silentlydreaming Completed

"Get your hands off her. Or I will smear your fucking insides on these very walls" his eyes no longer shon the bright brown it always did. They no longer looked loving and amused like they were a few hours ago, they looked dead; his eyes were dead and his soul was too. He told me I shouldn't know what he was because If I knew I would run and the truth was he was right, I wanted to run as far away from here as possible. His fists clenched, his muscles tensed and his body shook to the point I knew he would lose his sanity if the man behind me was to say anything back to him.

"Let me go or he'll kill you!" I hissed at the man behind me but he blanked me.

"You're a mutt" he snapped and squeezed my breast which made me whimper "She is mine"

That's when he lost his last bit of sanity.

• • •

#Book3 third and final book in the eternal series

Oh,so you wrote Demetre and the sequel die for me
                              Since you are the author THIS BOOK IS HELLA AMAZING I LOVE ALL YOUR STORIES
- - Jun 14, 2016
Oohh girl you got me there.  Its 3:16am and I was planning on sleeping but now I can't.  Gonna read it now.
peoplescareme0216 peoplescareme0216 Feb 28, 2016
omg ive read every book and now this comes out. im the happiest child on earth now
falseprophecies falseprophecies Feb 08, 2016
Getting a kid is somehow tragic guys... hold your horses. But real talk I'm feeling so bad for her. I hope she gets better throughour the story
JasmineStevens3 JasmineStevens3 Feb 05, 2016
Which books are the first two in the series? I just found this one and I want to read the other two first
Preveli Preveli Feb 13, 2016
I thought he meant like wipe her butt she's done with the restroom 😂 OMFG.