Grey's Tribute

Grey's Tribute

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Whiskey Queenn By rmills75 Completed

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He was a wild animal cutting down anything that came in his path towards me. 

His icy gaze paralyzed me, holding me hostage, all I could do is watch, I tried to will myself to walk away, to move, to take myself to safety. 

I was firmly rooted, my heavy legs felt like anchors weighing me down, holding me in place. 

His eyes were baptized in colours of light sliver and deep grey , the closer he came the more vibrant they became.  

Grabbing the back of my neck he pulled my face towards him, his nose a fraction from mine. He looked at me in the eyes and made one thing perfectly clear "you're mine."

Warning mature content

Meela has always been stubborn more stubborn than most...when the Alpha of the northern tribe demands her as tribute  will she surrender to his demands or will her stubbornness eventually lead to their demise.

Disclaimer :  this is a book of domination exerting the will of one on another. This isn't butterfly kisses or rainbows. This book is raw, savage....Luna's are not equal they are below the alpha...there is only one boss, only one supreme leader...
It will be hard for you to read this, hard for you to accept but that's what it is...grey does not change!!!!!

This is not a book for feminists

Descriptions, just everything about your writing is beautiful
-brittle -brittle Feb 12
@-lunarscape hi thanks for introducing me to this book!! I will read it (and cry!!)
I've reread this how many times I lost count of how many times I actually read it!! Amazing job @rmills75! My favourite werewolf book forever!
Second time reading this book !! One of my favs (; haven't read it in a fat minute
8ECKO8 8ECKO8 Feb 12
Emotions to the first 2 sentences in the book: AAAAHHHHHHHHBAJDHCUHSKWOEJDJDNDJDNJAKOAKWKW
                              I'm way too hype to read this 😂
Well he's her brother so his protectiveness should be expected although I'm frightened for him