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Anahi Reyes By just_girl_next_door Updated Jun 16, 2016

Your POV

School had just finished and I made my way to my home more like castle. You see I wasn't a normal student. In every school I went I was known to be the smartest of all the other students. And to that I graduated high school at age 13. So I really didn't have the normal life. I used to get bullied a lot and when I mean a lot I mean a lot. But thankfully when ever I was my older brothers always stood up to me. My brothers where Arthur, Francis, Alfred, and Matthew. Sure we weren't related by blood but they took me in when no one else did. So I didn't really care and neither did they.

As I got home I was tackled by my brother, Alfred. "What up duddette!!!" My brother said more like yelled. "Well you know getting tackled by you nothing different." I said laughing a little. It was true getting tackled by him was nothing new. "You bloody git get off her!" I turned and saw my other brother Arthur. "Hi Arthur how you been?" I said with a smile. "Good thank you for asking love." He s...

FoxyDaTomboy FoxyDaTomboy Dec 18, 2016
I never ate before…sad………i know………… WERES SENPI
FoxyDaTomboy FoxyDaTomboy Dec 18, 2016
I dont whach ice hocky, but i DO know that Canada won.(i live in de U.S.A)
AirsBears AirsBears Nov 24, 2016
drawernumber62 drawernumber62 Jul 25, 2016
Okay so I was just like when I saw three different fandomS THEN SAW HETALIA IM JUST LIKE THANK YOU LORD MY FAVORITE YES NOW I CAN DIE IN PEACE
Thatweirdinsanegirl Thatweirdinsanegirl Nov 18, 2016
HAHAHAHHAHAHA no the maple leafs SUCK and this is coming from a Canadian
AngelHeartfilia0140 AngelHeartfilia0140 Jul 14, 2016
I see what you did there😏 HITALIA IS LIFE😇😇😇🙏🙏🙏