The Shadows of Royalty

The Shadows of Royalty

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Queen By Gracestarbooks Updated Aug 09, 2016

This year, The fates had chosen  the Kingdom of Vincia,  to begin the Trials of Shadows.  No one knows if this will beacon a curse or a gift from the fates, but the Kingdom, is obligated to begin the Trails, and no one  can escape the Trials of Shadows. 

 Rachel, age 17, is forced to join the Trail of Shadows.Except this year,  the trails are transformed into the prince's little game of girls. This trials contain life threatening situations and competition between life and death. Only the strongest, smartest, and the best, will win the trails and be worthy of being the  Prince's bride. 

But something goes wrong, when his Duke ship,  Liam Jackson arrives to the palace.  

Rachel discovers an affinity that she has, and no one can find out.  Magic and love will interfere between Rachel's choice; to save herself from the burdens of her unknown past or to sacrifice herself for the safety o her loved ones.


 A rough push is escalate against me and my back slams into the wall painfully, as I find him pinning me against it. "Your highness, I think you need to let go now." I try to say but his fists slam into the brick designer wall. He growls as his face lingers to my neck. His grip didn't ease a bit, but rather forces my back to mold into the wall. A throaty animalistic sound echoes from the depth of his throat and I stiffen, when his touch jolted me. Did he just freaking growl? "Let me go!" I demanded, my fists drumming his chest.

"My little sweet Rae, where do you think you're going? I'm not done with you, just yet." He murmurs as icy breaths pound onto my scorching skin. I felt something sharp softly gnaw against my collarbone and snip at it. I flinch and realize his teeth had elongated into sharp incisors. My palms push him back and then I forcefully hurl my knee into his groin, when he doesn't bulge. He yelps but I am yanked back at the same moment. I inhaled for my last time, before my death followed.

"Didn't I say, I'm not done yet?"

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Haha yeah, but wattpad not responding ...guys this is supposed to be in the beginning
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Ooh that really grabbed me by the nuts. Doesn't this make you want to keep reading it, reels you in from the quote.
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I don't't care if there's grammatical errors just as long as my stupid brain can substitute it for the correct spelling or word. It's all good