The Crying Game. (BxB)

The Crying Game. (BxB)

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August POV.

I was awaken out of my sleep, by the sunlight. I groaned in frustration. I really had nothing planned for today, but I decided I was gonna get dressed and go over Chris's house. Chris is a childhood friend. He always has my back & I always have his. That will never change. You can't afford to lose people like him, you know?

As I'm in the shower I began to think about my life. Everything I've been through. Life has been rough. From my brother's death, selling rocks, having no where to stay, etc. 
My girlfriend has been my support system. But recently we've been having alot of downs. Her name is April. She's pretty, funny, & gotta fat ass. I think I love her.

At Chris's house

I knock on his door a good 5 times, before he answers. His eyes were squinted, with a little sleep in them, he had morning breath, and his voice was tired. I can tell he just woke up Lol.

"Nigga what you want?" He asked.

"Don't be rude. I came here to chill with you, FRIEND." I said in a tone that ...

OhmWrecked OhmWrecked Jan 04
I'm so nervous and excited for this. Everyone recommends this series.
neveahboo2000 neveahboo2000 Sep 30, 2016
My main nigga is aug my side is Chris my stress reliever is que 😂❤️️🔥💦😛
sweetned sweetned Sep 12, 2016
Is that J Cole 💦✨💕💖🙊👏😂😭😜☺️🙄💯🍸😍😘😝🤗😩👿😈🙌👅💍
OhmWrecked OhmWrecked Jan 04
But 🤔 if he cheats on her then what stops him from cheating on J?
PropertyOfAugust PropertyOfAugust Aug 20, 2016
I hate when people talk to me and they look me in the eye😂
neveahboo2000 neveahboo2000 Sep 30, 2016
😂😂😂 starlight as a trapezoid nigga how a trapezoid straight 😂😂