Safe In My Arms [Sting X Reader] || Sequel to HMtSSB ; Second Book

Safe In My Arms [Sting X Reader] || Sequel to HMtSSB ; Second Book

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『i do not own fairy tail, all of that belongs to hiro mashima- all i own is this story and its plot. i made the cover, though the cover image does not belong to me.』

『this is the second (2nd) book of the sting eucliffe x reader series I have posted on this account. the first book is titled "He Makes the Stars Shine Brighter".』

『warning! contains the usage of foul language!』

A friend that's sewn himself into most of your childhood vanishes, leaving only a disturbing mystery upon your shoulders.

To retrieve that treasure of your younger days, you touch shoulders with older friends, touch shoulders with newer, strangers ones, too.

There's something morbid that lies in slumber even after peace has settled once again and although you're allowed to laugh the troubles away in Sting's embrace, there's something else that brews, mixes in the ancientness of the crumbled ruins of time- and you learn that friends are more than simply people to warm your side with stories and jokes and affection.

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Yumika_Mikusai Yumika_Mikusai Apr 13, 2017
Why do so many ppl hate Lucy, I MEAN WAT DID SHE DO!?!?!? CUZ I SHIP NALU OTP HERE, bruuuuhhh
mochapineapple mochapineapple Jun 25, 2017
oh my god lord there are 96 inline comments y'all got a lotta stuff you wanna say about this lmaoo
_ArtisticNerd_ _ArtisticNerd_ Apr 23, 2017
I hate Lucy too, but she earned some respect when she saved Loke and sacrificed Aquarius
Ace_Snow Ace_Snow Jun 24, 2017
So many hates.😐 I get that she might seem annoying and useless to you but chill with the mean comments people.
auraticc auraticc Mar 02
I don't hate her, but I h a t e her behavior sometimes, acting all 'badass and I'm strong', then at the end, she only cares for jewles and talks about that. Not to mention, her clothes are just... Way too revealing.
EclipseGaming2005 EclipseGaming2005 Nov 18, 2017
Y’all ship Natsu and Lissana don’t you! Just saying I’m disappointed