Safe In My Arms [Sting X Reader] || Sequel to HMtSSB ; Second Book

Safe In My Arms [Sting X Reader] || Sequel to HMtSSB ; Second Book

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i has no future By Acnologia_Slayer Completed

Sooo...the sequel

You and Sting are on a little quest to find your childhood friend who mysteriously disappeared.Along the way you meet some old friends and a new...unique friend.Will she be ultimately be the factor that kept you alive in the final battle,or will she be the ultimate factor which will cause your fall?Will this unique new friend of your's and Sting's come through when you needed her the most or will it end in betrayal and heartbreak?

Note:I don't own Fairy Tail,Hiro Mashima does...

Candy7205 Candy7205 Aug 21
And th why did I have to add her in you story even tho. You could just make Lucy she was dead or something
-sighs- you hate Lucy too? I hate her because she's just.. Too  sassy and annoying..
Wilks_Queen Wilks_Queen Jun 28
I hate Lucy.. My little sister says that Lucy is just playing Natsu because he is innocent
VeShirecom VeShirecom Jun 18
okay, i respect people's opinions, but why do you hate lucy?
okaysting okaysting Oct 09
The only reason why I like Lucy is well because she is involved with the Nalu ship
Why you hate Lucy??Almost every natsu x reader I read Lucy is a complete  b ### but she is not...Remember  the loke/Leo incident?