The Only Alphas 4 Me (boyxboyxboyxboyxboy)

The Only Alphas 4 Me (boyxboyxboyxboyxboy)

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Max is a 23 year old mixed breed. A quarter gargoyle, a quarter water nymph, a quarter fire nymph, and a quarter wolf. One day he meets his mates, all 4 of them. And their not exactly who he thought they would be.

Jeramy is 33 years old and what everyone describes as the nice guy. He is an all around likable person who seems as trustworthy as they come. But even he has his dark side.

Luke is 33 years old and not the most reliable guy you've ever met, he may look honest with his charming smile and killer looks but he is anything but. He is known as the man whore of the pack because he has never dated someone for more then a week. But everyone acts out for a reason, and he's no exception.

Dexz is 27 years old and comes from a religious family. He has 7 older brothers so he's learned to take first and ask questions later. As an adult he is now one of the most possessive wolf's in his pack, so when he meets his mate he'll never let go. But no one can hold on to everything at once, something's got to give.

Reese is 22 years old, he's shy and never seems to say the right thing. Only certain people can come into his inner circle and once your in, your in. He's been waiting his whole life to meet his mate. Like a fairy tale prince he daydreams about that perfect day. But some fairy tales just aren't meant to be.

One day all 4 of them meet their cute little mate, Max- in the most unexpected situation. What will the 4 Alpha's do with the twist in their plans? Well you can be sure that they won't let Max go without a hurricane of problems trailing behind them.

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Roses are red, cacti are prickly, and might I say, that escalated quickly
All dressed up in Black and White
                              And you dressed in that dress I like
                              Love is swinging in the air tonight
                              Let me show you a few thangs
                              Justin Timberlake      Suit and Tie