No Need to Say Goodbye

No Need to Say Goodbye

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As middle schoolers, Percy and Annabeth were best friends. With a great connection, only a few fights, Percy and Annabeth were inseparable. But soon everything changes and Annabeth's father gets a job away from Manhattan, New York. Suddenly Annabeth is away from all her friends and especially, Percy. She spends one year in Pennsylvania. Things couldn't be harder for her. She was bullied, had minimal friends, and she missed home more than ever. Annabeth kept contact with Percy through a laptop her parents get her. After those that terrible year, she moves back to Manhattan, New York. She and Percy reunite, and things just get better and better. In their view, there was no need to say goodbye. <3

The characters belong to Rick Riordan, from Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Heroes of Olympus. 

Only a couple characters I have made up myself.

JessicalsUnknown JessicalsUnknown Nov 13, 2016
I have something similar, my bestest friend in the whole world moved to Tennessee and she promised to keep in touch. But she never did..
mckinley_04 mckinley_04 May 03, 2016
U r such a great writer and I can't wait to read on keep it up
OliviajLee OliviajLee Jul 21, 2016
Change it to say bye wisegirl, and then she'll cry harder, he comforts her, shhh, shh...  It makes it all the more sweet
Eat_Sleep_Read333 Eat_Sleep_Read333 Apr 20, 2016
Lier lier pants on fire! though you may not think so you are an amazing writer!
kensolnorocksswtor kensolnorocksswtor Dec 12, 2016
i like it but one thing. her Step-mother hates her and vice versa
- - Mar 28, 2016
Amazing chapter!!! Your really good at writing!!!😜😊:-)