I fell in love. Again.(eren x reader)

I fell in love. Again.(eren x reader)

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confused By raindow_sparkle Updated Jan 17, 2016

eren is a boy who wants revenge on titan.

(y/n) is a girl with a hidden past.

They both got along so well when they were little. What happens when (y/n)'s past unwraps and eren and (y/n) both want revenge on different things?

Will they let revenge get in there way or will they fall for each other?


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In just got here and I'm already with Eren
                              DAMN IT FEELS GOOD TO BE A Gangsta​😎😎😎😎
At least we'll be in the center and not near our houses, bc we all know what's about to happen
EdeeBedee24 EdeeBedee24 Oct 09
I wish me and my real life boyfriend were this cute......... I can only dream...... HE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW WAT ATTACK ON TITAN IS! TJAT IS ILLEGAL!
koifist koifist Mar 17, 2016
Awe that one feeling I've never felt...love. What's it like? I've never known
kaela1016 kaela1016 Jul 23, 2016
why do i have a feeling that the suprise is going to be titans coming trough the walls?????
7_Lost_Souls_7 7_Lost_Souls_7 Sep 05, 2015
omg....T^T it felt like my story but instead of being stabbed with wood reader-chan got ran over