Boxer Styles (Harry Styles FanFic)

Boxer Styles (Harry Styles FanFic)

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"I met him in the summer." I smiled, talking to the interviewer. I felt Harry's eyes on my back from the boxing ring.

"Did he chat you up?" The interviewer smiled. 

"Actually no, I ran into him and dropped my ice cream on his chest." I laughed. "But he ended up blaming himself."

"Did he get digits?" The interviewer raised his eyebrows.

"He got some digits." I confirmed, blushing a little.

I remember the day like it was the back of my hand.


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    I actually hear him in my mind as American and I don't like it but I'm happy because bow I don't have to get mad at myself
    DAMMIT SAY SOMETHIN ELSE. TELL A JOKE! Those always seem to get the ladies amirite???
    hesasnowflake hesasnowflake 2 days ago
    Rereading this because am in the mood for boxer harry 🤙🏽
    Would this be a good time to say hold your horses???? Cause I would pay to see that honestly
    zede00 zede00 Aug 20
    This is weird bc I was reading a book and then this came up in the suggestions and the other main character's name was Leah
    suicide_sheep94 suicide_sheep94 Sep 20, 2016
    But if it gets to serious they might have to call it quits but all you had to do was stay Harry