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Is Love Too Good For Death Eaters? (Reader x Draco Malfoy fanfic)

Is Love Too Good For Death Eaters? (Reader x Draco Malfoy fanfic)

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Heir of Slytherin By SlytherinSerpentine Updated Mar 13

A Death Eater. A monster. A follower of the Dark Lord. This was (y/n) Curseblood's new life. She's now fourteen, and a new member to the Dark Arts. She has to keep her dark secret hidden from everyone, even her muggle brothers, or else she's sentenced to life in Azkaban. (y/n)'s job is to fufill dark tasks she's given to help the Death Eaters thrive while completing her magical lessons at Hogwarts. Even if it means harming her one true love. Draco Malfoy.

Wolfie82 Wolfie82 Feb 29, 2016
Huh. Wanna know something weird. In the book 'The Keeper' by David Baldacci, an alecto is this creature with serpents for hair and eyes dripping blood. The sway of the serpents can drive the victim to commit suicide.
marzipanic marzipanic Jul 05, 2016
Wasn't draco away with his mum? But why was Narcissa there? I'm a bit confused.
mythsEQUALme mythsEQUALme May 30, 2016
Well.......THATS WHAT YOU GET YOU SLUT!!!! I'm so relived right now.....
It wassent Regulous that made the dark mark it was Barty crouch Jr!!
Darkblud Darkblud Jan 03, 2016
you know how to start a story! this begging is sure to turn heads!!