My Bully Is My Master

My Bully Is My Master

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Elsa Aren along with her sister cousin and friend had a horrible past from being kidnapped to their parents and family death. They are soon going to be sold as sex slave. But what if your master was your high school bully? What if you start to grow feelings for him? What if they starts to grow feelings for you?

Meet Jackson Manny Overland Frost the number 1 bachelor in America. He was a bully in high school and now a company owner that has everything he wants. Over 200 girlfriends he finally decides to get a sex slave along with his 3 friends. But what if your slave is your main victim of your bullying? What if you grow feelings towards them? What if they grow feelings for you?


Cmon guys. There was a warning of MATURE CONTENT. Maybe the pg-13 rating could have been raised but still. Y'all were warned 😂😂
Zxxn_smiles Zxxn_smiles Apr 24
That *ahem* picture. Disturbing, good bye good childhood memories and helllllloooo holy water.😂😂
It would be akward to see Jack in Elsas room in frozen 2 memories will flashback 😁😁
Idk about y'all but I'm fine my cousin watches porn all the time and I apparently walk in on him and I just smack him on he head and turn off his phone
That pic has a pussy on doesn't it. Well let me go take a bath in holy water. Wait wait is Jacks dick really that small😂😂😂😱😱😱
- - Jan 07
Just think about it: 
                              Someone sat down and decided to draw this and made it their mission to finish the drawing and posted it online for other Jelsa perverts to see.