Between Here & Gone

Between Here & Gone

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Barbara Ferrer By BarbaraFerrer Completed

Chosen as one of Publishers Weekly's Best Books of 2016


In 1959 Cuba, Natalia San Martín was nothing short of a princess: sheltered, pampered, and courted by her very own prince, a childhood friend turned lifelong love. All that changed on the fateful New Year's Eve when Fidel Castro and his followers seized control of the country, with tragic consequences for not only the island, but Natalia herself.

Five years later, in 1960s New York, she's known as Natalie Martin-living a life that's bleak, but thankfully anonymous. However, when the enigmatic Jack Roemer offers her a job writing the memoir of a starlet on the brink of self-destruction, she sees not only opportunity, but unexpected echoes of a fairytale long forgotten.

As she knows all too well, however, the prettiest façade can hide the ugliest of truths- and peeling back the layers of someone else's past forces Natalie to confront her own.

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enaitae enaitae Jan 29, 2016
I love the way Natalia thought of everything. Her character is strong yet gentle at the same time. And her care towards her brother is simply awesome. I never found one like this before.
                              You made a great story! I like it. 💕
cadetheman cadetheman Mar 20, 2015
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kindle1999 kindle1999 Oct 29, 2014
Isn't m'ijo a contraction of my son? Why can Natalia call her brother that? Just curious.
mi99ins mi99ins Jul 23, 2014
Your cover is a winner. Nice to discover such beautiful writing, description and dialogue inside.
CynthiaDagnal-Myron CynthiaDagnal-Myron Apr 30, 2014
SO glad I happened upon this today! Masterful, exciting and a total departure from what I've read thus far on Wattpad in subject, style and depth--I'm going to read this in its entirety as soon as possible!
AsionOne99 AsionOne99 Nov 04, 2013
I love it.  It's amazing.  You should totally publish it.  :)