Obscure (Phan)

Obscure (Phan)

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Shayna By Llamas-and-whiskers Updated Aug 31

Phil was just an ordinary teenager. Perhaps less than. Having always lived the boring outsider life, he never imagined anything grande could or would come his way. His parents and society had practically convinced him that University, work, marriage, kids and then death was the only path for him to follow. That was until the answer to all his troubles, literally, fell from the sky one snowy evening. Is Phil prepared to go on the journey that the ethereal onyx-winged boy is about to take him on?  


Dan is a fallen angel who has seemingly lost his memory. Remembering nothing but the name of a boy he somehow knows is the only one who can help him. Dan yearns to regain his memories, but what will he do when he finally learns the truth about who he really is and what happened to him and even how he ended up in the snow that night. Will he be able to accept it, or will he wish he had remained oblivious to all, except the boy with beautiful forget-me-not eyes who found him in the snow? 

Read on to find out...

selreads selreads Sep 18
I don't have any other choice rn so I just put a coffee machine in there and some bean bags
selreads selreads Sep 18
And my mom wanted a unintelligent, Christian, white puppet who listens to everything she says and doesn't know what bs is. She got something better tho, me! And if she still wants all those things, she can look in the mirror. 🐸☕️
I read "rectangle" as "triangle" and I was so confused so I read it a second time and still thought it said triangle.
the closet is a dark dark place shayna , you and i both know this deary
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