The Dark Lord's Daughter Returns- Book Two (A Harry Potter Fan Fic)

The Dark Lord's Daughter Returns- Book Two (A Harry Potter Fan Fic)

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Harry Potter nerd By LiviieMarie Updated May 12

It's been five years since Leah's name was cleared, yet the world still lives in fear. And for good reason. All Leah wants is to live her life peacefully with her family. Her children are in school, she's finally married Barty Crouch Jr., the man of her dreams, and she's doing everything she can to convince the Wizarding World that she is no longer a danger to them. But when a new threat arrives, trying to use Leah's blood to resurrect Lord Voldemort, Leah must team up with the very people who called for her death to stop him.

First Read: The Dark Lord's Daughter
Coming Next: The Dark Lord's Daughter: The Final Stand

*All rights go to JK Rowling except for my own original characters.*

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Jenniferd2021 Jenniferd2021 Apr 10, 2016
Sydney Glenn
                              3rd Year Ravenclaw
                              Mother:  Unknown
                              Father:  Unknown (orphan)
                              Phoenix Feather + Oak 10 3/4 inch
                              May have a small crush on Mason
                              Asian, very smart (like Hermione), quidditch, chess
Azzah_Ashraf Azzah_Ashraf Oct 17, 2015
Name: Azzah Ashraf
                              Age: [same as leah's 1st son]
                              Parents: Muhammad Ashraf(dad) Bushra Ashraf(mum)
                              Siblings: Aliah Ashraf (sis- 3yrs younger)
                              Blood status: Pure
                              Wand: sycamore, 11 and half inches, phoenix feather 
                              House: Gryffindor 
                              Friends: [leah daughter], teddy lupin, victoire weasley 
                              Crush: none