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Chosen By The Alpha

Chosen By The Alpha

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A.B.A.W.O.W By xxFatherOfLukexx Updated Dec 11, 2016

An attempt of being cliché on purpose. See a werewolf cliché missing? Comment and I'll include it :)


"Jama!" I called out to him.

The hair on my arms started to stand on end, and I felt my palms starting to hurt, as if my nails were getting sharper as they were pressed into my skin. The wind picked up, and the white robe I had on flared at my knees.

I felt refreshed. I felt alive, reborn. I felt powerful.


The breeze lifted my hair away from my neck and sent a chill down my spine.


Feronia, named after the goddess of freedom and fertility, is a young, nineteen year old girl who is set to be married to her Alpha. Her mating with the Alpha is said to be the only thing to strengthen the pack.

When she runs away from this, due to her yearning for freedom, she crosses paths with one of the strongest packs. The Alpha, Jamarreon, is said to be harsh and ruthless.

Will he help her be free from her Alpha, or will he try to contain her, too?

yololivinthelife yololivinthelife Jan 18, 2016
i love this book even if there is only two chapters please update soon