The Most Beloved By The Kages (Naruto FanFiction 'Kages' Love Story)

The Most Beloved By The Kages (Naruto FanFiction 'Kages' Love Story)

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Misaki ✔️ By MisakiofKonoha Updated Sep 21

She was favoured, she was spoiled. 
She forced some people's blood to boil.

Yet, she was ordered and led, 
"You have a mission," they said.  

Call her a ninja, or a whore.
But this young lady, 
started a cold war.

This story is in second person view.
WON #2 Place in the 2013 Naruto Watty Awards!

Ummm daughters are actually ten times more worse to handle than boys. I'd rather have all boys tbh.
Okay two things,
                              1) Suki reminds me of Suki from Avatar the Last Airbender.
                              2) Why is Hiruzen naming the child? The mother is still alive!
......what is wrong with you Hiruzen like seriously. You need your head checked.
I just realized! She would be Konohamaru's twin sister, then!
                              OML FINALLY SOME KONOHAMARU APPRECIATION!!
                              HE IS SO UNDERRATED, IT'S UNREAL!
Well so far it's been well written.. Let's just hope it doesn't turn into an overly Mary Sue Sasuke pairing
Moon487 Moon487 Apr 24
Asuma and Akemi in the background: Thanks dad, feeling the love...