Jealousy (Erisol)

Jealousy (Erisol)

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Novaidi By NayMayl Updated Oct 12, 2015


Eridan is hated by everyone. Or so he thought, all but one. When Sollux and Eridan finally get together, someone tries to stand in the way. Who is this person? Will Eridan and Sollux Be ok? Will I get better at writing descriptions? Probably not.

#suicide attempts
#erisol (*nic cage face* you don't say?!)

2olluxFuckiingCaptor 2olluxFuckiingCaptor Jun 30, 2016
Ah ye2, there iit ii2, the 2ound of my heart breakiing once more. Now, where'2 that glue, iit mu2t be around here 2omewhere...
SpaceBetweenDarkness SpaceBetweenDarkness Dec 10, 2016
Y9u d9 kn9w that this c9uld 6e triggering t9 any y9ung wigglers? Y9u c9uld ruin their inn9cense and p9ssi6ly trigger them, thus stated in previ9us c9mments t9 this 9ne. I als9 see that, 99ps. I als9 n9tice visually that Y9u have many untagged w9rds. I shall tag them f9r Y9u.
Captors2 Captors2 Dec 29, 2015
I know its not the cancer sigh but if you turn it just right...