Life Of A High School Boy Toy(BoyxBoy)*Book 1* *Editing*

Life Of A High School Boy Toy(BoyxBoy)*Book 1* *Editing*

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Matthew has always had a hard life especially at home. His adopted father abuses him and forces him into prostitution at sixteen years old. He is a freshmen in highschool and a outcast because hes "emo" and it doesn't help that he's gay. He was held back when he spent some time in the hospital after his bio dad went crazy and stabbed him. But will life get better when he meets the super hot jock Trey Lockheart? Maybe just maybe Trey will save him....

(WILL BE EDITING AND REVISING SOON. I was 14 when I wrote this and grammar wasn't my strong suit. I wrote it just to write. Now comes the criticism.) 

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All i did was read the description and i love Matthew already. He's emo and gay and Im emo and half gay I LOVE HIM.
I can never make eye contact with someone or stare into someone's eyes, unless I'm familiar with the person or having a serious conversation with someone. It's too awkward otherwise. Even tho I've always wanted to creep someone out by staring intently at them.
naru4life naru4life May 24
Just finished chapter 2 and I'm now officially emotionly(did I spell that right?) Tied to this character.
Wonderjxxny Wonderjxxny Jul 13
Am I the only person who thinks of the song 'All of me' when I read this? O.o
That comment above almost caused my body and spirit to plummet to hell in laughter