Percy Jackson and The Avengers

Percy Jackson and The Avengers

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After the Giant War, Percy felt the need to escape the mythical world and try to live as something else. With the lost of his friends, he became anti-social and mysterious. During his long and early run, he encountered a SHIELD agent named Phil Coulson. Phil saw the sorrow and the will to die in Percy's eyes, so he decided to recruit him as an agent of SHIELD.

They became a family, with Natasha, Clint, and Fury but the fates gave him an another turn of events; Phil died during the invasion. Without his fourth father figure, Percy resumed to being an anti-social and introvert.

Now that a new danger coming to New York, Percy was forced to come back and reunited with Clint and Natasha. With the Avengers and Percy, they will stop the brewing danger that will harm to the whole world. 

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this is my fifth time doing this description 
and i kinda forgot what really is the description
sorry if you are not satisfied with the description

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- - Apr 24, 2017
BRUTASHA!  Please! It'll be really awkward if it is Clintasha 'cause *spoiler* Clint is MARRIED!
Brutasha just cause Clint is freaking married and has freaking kids.
Sparrow-_-2020 Sparrow-_-2020 Dec 14, 2016
Will you re-publish it? Or can you leave it up in the mean time? I don't want to lose this story and not be able to find it when it does come back out. You know?
SMR_1114 SMR_1114 Apr 07, 2016
Don't worry when I'm done editing there will be more Wanda and Percy moments
ReyMatthaios ReyMatthaios Apr 01, 2016
Noooooo please tell me its an april fool's day joke? PLEASEEEE!!!!! 😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭 NOOOOO PLEASEEE
Rbahian Rbahian Apr 07, 2016
                              I was hoping for a wandaXpercy moment or something of the two