The Play Book

The Play Book

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Alan Andrews °•#15•° is a senior and is a somewhat popular jock at his school. His one and only best friend is Erik Hawk, the second most popular guy in school, also let's not forget to mention he's bi.

Erik is always dragging Alan around no matter where he goes, but will Alan agree when his best friend wants to take him to a gay club? No, isn't the answer.

Alan is what you call as straight as an arrow and there's no way you can change his mind. Unless Erik is involved and that boy can make you change your mind without even trying.

So when Alan sees his all time hero and inspiration, not to mention all-star football captain and quarterback, Daniel Faust °•#1•° at the club he goes to with Erik, will he be the arrow, or will he get a little taste of the rainbow?

He's as straight as an arrow, arrows always bend (if you've seen an arrow be shot you'll know what I mean).
I agree with that saying, "Speak of the devil and he will appear" bcuz it's so true.... xD
whatsapay whatsapay Sep 26
no no no no, if Erik has a crush on him or vice versus I' something...aggressive
I'm so dead when I read this XD I thought it said eating each other out I'm like WTF LOL but then I re read it xD
😂😂 You are in the for the ride of your life, maybe even literally
why would you get married.
                              if you do not want to have children.
                              you should have said no.
                              instead of hurting your family. like you are doing.