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adventureworld By adventureworld Updated Jun 18, 2016

My swollen ankle collapsed under me, but I bit my lip against the pain. the heavy footsteps grew closer. 
"you can't run from me forever sweetheart..." the voice was bitter sweet, husky
sandalwood and a smoky scent enveloped me...I clenched my eyes shut
"look at me". Hard fingers dug into my face forcing me to look into those eyes, like diamond ice, jagged sharp features and the enticing mouth curved into a smirk
"what happens to people who get in my way?" 
the grip on my face became punishing. Hard.
I could think of many words to describe Bashar but only three came to mind.Bastard.Killer.Psycho.
"Y-You k-kill them?"
he laughed and it echoed off the walls of the dark alley
"no. You will wish for death after what i do to you"

Maria's life was dull until her father is murdered. she vowes to seek revenge on the killer. 
Bashar Alexandrov is the most deadliest assassin in the world. Haunted by his past, he cannot trust anyone, but when he meets Maria he is forced to play a dangerous game

95SilVeR 95SilVeR Dec 03, 2016
This make me quite curious about what would happen when he meet with Mr Ambrose from storm and silence..XD
-missandei -missandei Jun 13, 2016
Holy mother of cows on the hood of a mercedes benz
                              I can feel it already 
                              This will be greaattt
odaciuk13 odaciuk13 Sep 16, 2015
Excellent description of the assassin, Bashar. Don't want to mess with him!